Smartphones have made our lives easier than ever. We can’t imagine even a single day without them. While some OEMs provide you stock Android experience others add their own interface with exciting features. One such underrated feature is “Call Recording”. Unfortunately, we have to use call recorder apps separately instead of just using an inbuilt functionality.

I don’t know about others but for me, a good quality call recording matters a lot. This is pretty helpful in saving conversations so that you can refer them later. For instance, a client has explained about a certain assignment on the call. If the whole call recording is saved securely on the phone, there’s no need to worry. Not only this, there are hundreds of other examples where call recorder apps have proven to be pretty helpful.

Best Call Recorder Apps

But how will you know that which call recorder app is the best for you? Well, don’t worry regarding this. We have chosen the top 10 best call recorder apps for Android phones. Have a look at them thoroughly from the list mentioned below.

Disclaimer: Recording a call is considered illegal in some countries like the United States, etc. Thus, go through the local laws once and make sure not to encounter a dilemma.

Best Call Recorder Apps for Android

NOTE: Majority of the apps in the list mentioned below share a common name. However, they offer different features and functionality. Thus, before downloading an app make sure that you click on the correct link provided below the description of each Call Recorder Apps out there.

1. Automatic Call Recorder

The Automatic Call Recorder is one of the most popular call recording apps among Android users. The app has the ability to record class from any number, no matter if it is local STD or international. As the name suggests this call recorder app can record all the calls automatically. Just set your preferences and you’re done.

The Automatic Call Recorder App offers you with three different modes of recording. There’s the option to set a preference to record calls from either unknown numbers, only for the saved contacts or for all calls. Apart from this, there’s the integration of cloud services from Google Drive and DropBox. Thus, there’s no need to worry about the limited space on your phone. The recorded calls will be directly saved on the cloud.

The app basically comes in two variants- the free version and the pro version. The paid one removes the ads completely.

Check out the  Automatic Call Recorder App from Below


2. Call Recorder – ACR

Call Recorder - ACR

Call Recorder – ACR is again an astonishing app in the list of best call recorder apps for Android. Just like the previous app, it has got the ability to distinguish between incoming and outgoing calls. Also, the app records the call automatically. While testing with different versions of Android and OEMs, the app worked perfectly in the majority of the cases.

Not only the app records the call automatically, but it can also save the calls on the cloud. There are a wide variety of options for cloud like Google Drive, DropBox, FTP, One Drive, WebDAV and what not. The recorded calls can be sent directly via email from the app itself.

The Call Recorder – ACR app basically has two variants – the free version with ads and the pro version with no ads. The choice is yours, choose wisely.

Check out the Call Recorder – ACR App from Below


3. True Caller

Majority of the Android users know this app for being a caller ID app. But with the passing time, the app went through a wide variety of changes. The app now offers an option to record incoming and outgoing calls. Majority of us love to use True Caller app as not only it displays the name of unknown callers it saves us from spam. Thus, with the call recording feature, the app bundles a lot of useful features under a single roof.

Well, do remember that this call recording feature is not provided for free by True Caller app. It comes with the premium version of the app. However, the users can give a try to this feature before buying for 14 days. This can provide the user a clear-cut whether to opt for the premium plan or not.

Check out the True Caller app from Below


4. Cube Call Recorder ACR

The call recorder apps that you have seen till now in the list can only be used to record normal calls. However, using the Cube Call Recorder app, one can not only record the normal calls but the VoIP calls as well. This means that the voice calls from WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook, Hangouts, Telegram, Line, IMO, Slack, etc. can be recorded using this app. But this feature is not supported by all Android devices. Thus, install the app and try your luck if it works.

One of the best parts of this app is that there are no ads included and it is completely free to use. Thus, one can get an astonishing call recording experience with normal calls and VoIP calls as well, for free.

Check out the True Caller app from Below


5. Call Recorder by TOHsoft

Call Recorder by TOHsoft

This call recording by TOHsoft is one of the best call recorder apps available on Google Play Store. This is because it has got some unique features as compared to other apps out there. The app has got the ability to record either the incoming calls or the outgoing calls or both. In case some phone numbers need to be excluded from getting recorded can be removed with ease.

The app cares about the privacy of the user as well. To navigate to the recorded calls a password or PIN can be added if required. Apart from this, there are other features like sharing the recorded calls with anyone, manage the file extension for saved recordings and what not. This app also comes in two variants –the free version and the pro version.

Check out the True Caller app from Below


6. RMC: Android Call Recorder

RMC: Android Call Recorder

The RMC Android Call Recorder app is a kind of unique app for recording calls on any Android phone. IT has the ability to record all calls automatically if required. Apart from the usual features of call recording, it has got a lot more to offer the user. Apart from just recording calls in MP3 and WAV formats, there are other supported formats like AMR, 3GP, and MP4 as well.

The app has got a trash bin folder where the deleted files are stored. Thus, if a recording gets deleted accidentally, it will be saved in the trash bin. There are other tweaks available too like the selection of recording channels from mono and stereo, bit rate, sample rate and what not. Also, the app has integration of cloud services like Google Drive and DropBox for safe storage of recorded calls. The app is completely free to use inclusive of ads.

Check out the RMC: Android Call Recorder app from Below


7. Call Recorder by Recorder and Smart Apps

This app from the Recorder and Smart Apps is one of the most downloaded call recorder apps on Play Store. This app is a bit different as compared to others in this list. The app not only records all the incoming and outgoing calls, but it organizes them as well.

There’s an ability to set the preference to either save the recorded calls automatically or ask before saving every call. Thus, only the important calls will be saved for further assistance. This feature could be pretty helpful as it can reduce the space consumed by recorded calls as well.

Unfortunately, the app is not integrated with any cloud services for saving recorded calls. However, they can be shared on Google Drive or DropBox via the share option. The app is completely free to use inclusive of ads. If you would like to buy the pro version, it will remove the ads completely.

Check out the Recorder & Smart Apps Call Recorder app from Below


8. Call Recorder by Lovakara


This call recorder app by Lovakara is another great app to record all calls automatically. The app saves all the recorded calls in MP3 format. They can be saved either in the internal storage of the device or the external SD card if the device supports one. Sadly there is no integration of the cloud services. Just like other apps on the list, it has the password protection to take care of the recorded calls.

There are also some other features to look forward. The user can show or hide the logo for the call being recorded, allow the speaker calls to be recorded, change skins of the app and what not. There’s a ignore list for the numbers that should be ignored while recording calls. This call recording app is completely free to inclusive of ads. Also, do note that there’s no paid or pro version of this app.

Check out the Lovakara Call Recorder app from Below


9. All Call Recorder Lite 2018

The All Call Recorder Lite 2018 is another great app for recording calls on Android phones. This is one of those apps with the most basic functionality. The app is pretty user-friendly and the majority of the functions are available on the front. Not only the app can record all outgoing and incoming, but it also has an inbuilt audio player to play the recorded calls.

The app does not have any customized options like cloud integration, PIN protection or sorting. This is because the All Call recorder, as the name suggests, is a lite app. If you are a kind of guy who’s looking for a light call recorder app, this could be the best choice.

Check out the RMC: Android Call Recorder app from Below


10. Call Recorder by Quality Apps

The Call Recorder by Quality Apps is another awesome app for call recording on Android phones. Just like the other apps mentioned in the list, it is has got too many great features. The incoming and outgoing calls can be recorded separately, PIN can be used for protection, and the recording format can be changed to WAV or Mp3 and what not.

However, one feature that makes it a bit different from other apps is the functionality of selecting “Favorites”. The important callers can be marked as “Important”. The app is completely free to use inclusive of the ads and the pro version is available as well.

Check Best Quality Call Recorder app from Below


Final Words

Nobody can predict exactly what’s going to happen next. There could be a moment where you are sitting in a corner regretting not recording some call. How will you feel? Well, pretty sad. Thus, give a try to these apps mentioned above in the list of best call recorder apps for Android. They are pretty helpful in our day to day lives.

If you think we have missed your favorite one, do share that app in the comment section below. Feel free to share your thoughts and feedback regarding the best call recorder apps for Android. We’d love to hear from you. And for more astonishing content, keep following [site name] :’)