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Skype is one of the top callings in video calling application available on various platforms. Skype is a Microsoft product which is basically famous for calling and video calling around the globe. In this article, we will talk about recording Skype calls and saving it locally. You can call anyone to Skype if the user is using Skype application in any device. VIP. This article for the guide to record Skype calls in various devices.

Features of the Skype Call Recording:

These are the following key features of Skype call recording.

  • Skype notify both the users that the call is being recorded, so no secret call recording can be done in Skype.
  • In the case of video call recording, the Skype will ensure that both the end video streaming is combined and recorded.
  • If any case from shared their desktop screen during the call it will also get recorded.
  • After the recording is stopped the final recording will get posted on behalf of you in the Skype chat even if you end the call or leave the group call.
  • The Skype call recording is not saved for a long time, it will be available for only 30 days on the chat after that it will automatically get removed from the chat. During this period you can always save the recording locally but by default, it gets recorded in the cloud storage.

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Steps to record Skype calls:

Use this following guide to record Skype calls in various devices.

  1. Install Skype in your device.
  2. Launch the Skype app and open any contact chat.
  3. Place the Skype call through the chat by tapping on the telephone icon on the top right corner.
  4. Now during the call tap or click on the ‘+’ icon to get the more options.
  5. On the more options, you need to click on the start recording option in desktop and tap on the recording icon to start recording on mobile.
  6. A notification will popup informing that the recording has started.
  7. After the recording is completed it will get automatically posted on the chat and it will be there for 30 days, in case you want to save the recording locally in your device error can’t download from there within 30 days of recording.

Steps to save any Skype call recordings locally:

use this guide to save Skype call recording in your local drive.

  • Once the call recording is completed in the Skype.
  • Go to more option in desktop and click ok …, and tap and hold on call recording on a smartphone to save the recording from the chat.
  • Now select safe to downloads to save the recording into the downloads folder in the desktop, in case of the smartphone is it safe to automatically download the recording in your internal storage on the gallery.


We have researched on the internet and provided various information about Skype. We have carefully prepared the guide to record Skype calls. We have also prepared the list of features of the Skype call recording in various devices. Share this article with other Skype users so that they can also record Skype calls by using their Skype in the devices.

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