Download Best Call Recorder App For iOS (iPhone/iPad)

If you urgently need to record your phone calls, but you don’t have any option in your iPhone. So, you can download the call recorder app, which is not a default feature in the iOS. Today there are numerous applications available in the market that allows you to call with free of cost across the network. Sometimes, we need to record the call for making evidence and for future purpose. A lot of mobile phone providers have this feature as a default but unfortunately, you are an iPhone user.  

Download Call Recorder Apps for iPhone:

Apple does not include this feature in their device. Nowadays, it’s not a big problem, programmers created many applications that fulfill this recording feature. Android devices have this feature inbuilt in most devices! :p 

Apple phone doesn’t incorporate the call recording feature on their phone, because the call recording is illegal in many countries like America. Sometimes, if there is an emergency and you need to record the phone calls of someone threatening you through the phone. You can use some call recorder apps as they will easily satisfy your needs. 

Features of call recording app for iOS

  • Outgoing and incoming call recording
  • Easy to use
  • Share your recordings via email and other social media apps
  • Custom labels for recordings
  • Has a privacy policy

Best Call Recording Apps Available in the App Store

Here you’ll find a huge list of apps sorted with a review and the app’s best feature, you can check them out, we filtered the apps according to most users preferences!

1. TapeACall Pro

The easiest way to record phone calls on the iPhone. One of the best call recording App that available on the IOS store. It offers makes it stand out between all the other call recording apps on the App Store. Here, you can record unlimited incoming and outgoing calls for further use. It makes it easy to record the voice calls you are about to make or already in progress. Once you are done, instantly your recording will show up as well as ready to store or save. You can do anything with the call recorder. 

2. Call Recorder Plus

Call Recorder Pro, a distinctive App as well as different from the other call recording apps. It is a credit-based call recorder that you have to pay for your recordings. Here, does not any subscription fee but you need to pay for credits, which means 10 credits is equal to 10 recordings with each lasting for 60 minutes. This app is a better option for the people those frequently keep on recording the phone calls. 

3. Call Recorder Free

With the call recorder free app, an iPhone user can record both incoming and outgoing calls. The most magnificent aspect of this app is for free. Just you tap the record button on the app and dial the number itself and combine the calls in order to start your recording. For Outgoing calls, you should do the same by dialing the person you want to speak to and merge the call proceedings. 

4. Call Recorder Lite

Let’s you record both incoming and outgoing calls for free cost. If you want to record a call, first you need to open the app and tap on the record call button. It can use the three-way call merge system to record your phone calls like previous apps. It can able to upload the calls to Google drive or dropbox and also share it via emails, iMessage or twitter. It can let you listen only the first 60 seconds of recording, if you need some additional minutes, you have to buy it from the app. 

5. Call Recorder for iPhone Calls

It’s a great app makes it easy to record the voice calls on your iOS devices. The special part of the recorder app is that doesn’t require any SIM card for it to work. It has its own online services to connect the call. You could use this app to make a local call as well as international calls. This call recorder app promises you to deliver a high-quality recording experience to share the calls via different social media apps, cloud storages, emails and much more.

6. Call Recorder Unlimited

Call recorder brings you unlimited recordings of unlimited length at an attractive monthly price. Here, your recordings are safely stored in the cloud, so you don’t worry about if your mobile is stolen or falls in the water. It keeps a high-quality record of your of your entire conversation.

Final Words

Here, all listed call recording apps and tools are easily affordable and also offer you incredible security. And it is capable of recording your client calls, it helps to enhance your client satisfaction when you carefully monitor it. It also guarantees that you will never have to go back for the recap. While choosing software,  check for the reliability over other factor and test it before your call actually starts. 

If you know more Call recording apps for iOS devices, then let us know in the comment section below! We would love to update the article for our readers with your valuable inputs! Till then bookmark this and keep checking it, because we update our blog daily! Stay tuned for more!

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